Michael Leu Mentor Ohio
                                          We go where the gold is!

​Owning a mining claim is having access to a lifetime of great family fun and recreation, in a very beautiful, natural setting.
All our claims have direct legal road access on County & National Forestry roads, with areas for camping, and gold discovered in surface prospecting.

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"We visited and panned on our claim creek in Colorado this past June and had a wonderful time. We’re very pleased with the location and the claim itself."

"We have been to our mining claim in California that we purchased from you last year. The area is stunningly beautiful, and we couldn't be happier with our purchase."

"Living in Arizona, the mining claim we purchased from you has added greatly to our family outings. We are finding gold in the wash on our claim most every visit. 
Thank you so much!"

"We purchased 2 mining claims from Michael Leu over the last 2 years, one in California, and one In Colorado.
We have been to our claims on several occasions, and we could not be happier!
They are exactly as described, and our camping on our claims and prospecting in the creek on each claim is the highlight of our vacations.
You can trust Mr. Leu.
If you are looking for a great time in the awesome beauty of the west, buying a mining claim from Mr. Leu will be a blessing."

   And just a note of encouragement for those who purchase:
My wife and I have located, prospected on, and sold mining claims in
California, Colorado, & Arizona, going on now for 8 years.
You can trust we will process your notarized deeds correctly and quickly.
In that mining claims are processed thru the Bureau of Land Management, a
Federal Govt. agency, not following thru per our legally signed contract, would be a federal crime. I certainly will do what I say, and would never put myself nor my wife
in any legal jeopardy.
Also, we have sold properties on 3 sites online for over 10 years:
Landsalelistings, Landwatch, and LandandFarm.
Our continued good status on these sites is due to our always following thru, as just one time we would not, we would not be allowed to sell on these sites ever again.

Michael Leu Mentor Ohio

Locating & Selling Gold Mining Claims in California, Colorado, & Arizona


Total price of $2000 for a 20 acre gold mining claim.  
Total price of $3950 for a 40 acre gold mining claim.
A signed contract will precede payment.
After receiving payment, your ownership of the mining claim will be legally recorded via notarized deeds with both the local Bureau of Land Management and County.